Why Chole Bhature is on the Lip of Every India?

Indians are known to be great food lovers and especially for people in North India, they can just tell you the level of delight of a food even from its smell. One such food item is “Chole Bhature” and everyone in India, are just mad about it. A Punjabi recipe, today is most popular in India. Made with chickpeas and bhature from maida, this is something every Indian has put their lips on!

Why Chole Bhature?

Although it has been a popular dish since years, but still today it remains high with popularity due to the following reasons:

Economic and yum– A single plate of Chole Bhature wont cost you more than INR 70 or 100 maximum. This makes it quite affordable even for the teenagers who are studying in schools and colleges. The affordability reason makes it a popular hit for youngsters and even college going people.

Snack time option always – Chole Bhature is a great snack time option always. Whether it is the mid morning hours or the evening hours, everyone loves to relish a bhatura.

Easy availability – Since people everywhere treat their taste buds with Chole Bhature, you can find it in markets, close to your home location and even at popular malls.

Diverse taste at different joints – The different joints offering Chole Bhature, each have a different taste and so is the reason for their fondness among crowd.

Popular hangout spots– Popular Chole Bhature vendors near DU and main markets are hangout places for teens and youngsters.

Tummy tucker: Yes, a plate of bhatura definitely makes your tummy full. So if you are planning a hectic schedule after a morning hours, Chole Bhature can do wonders.

Relish the scrumptious taste: Punjabi’s are known for their taste, mix and blend of right spices which makes their food yummy! So, who can miss out the try out the taste of chole bhature, one of the popular punjabi recipes.

Kitty party lover: Another great thing about Chole Bhature is that you can always see group of ladies ordering Chole Bhature during their kitty parties. If you have also been a part of kitty parties, pretty sure that Chole bhature spiced up your menu as well at some point of time.

These are just few of the many reasons why this punjabi dish is so popular in Delhi, NCR. I am pretty sure the article left your mouth drooling for just one plate, so why not just get and get ready for that single plate today.